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Swiss Society of Homeopathic Physicians SSHP

Welcome to the website of Swiss Homeopathic Physicians.

It is internationally linked with websites of other homeopathic associations.
You will find the link by clicking on the the "world icon" in the right upper corner.

Some Information about the Association

SVHA Schweizerischer Verein Homöopathischer Aerztinnen und Aerzte
SSMH Société Suisse des Médecins Homéopathes
SSMO Società Svizzera die Medici Omeopatici
SSHP Swiss Society of Homeopathic Physicians

The SSHP is the most traditional and oldest society of homeopathic doctors in Switzerland. It was founded in 1856 and will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2006. Today dentists, veterinarians and pharmacologists are also members. Over the past 15 years membership has considerably increased and now numbers some 300. The SSHP represents the majority of Swiss doctors who work as homeopaths and is active in all the linguistic regions. It also represents Switzerland at the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), the international society of homeopathic doctors.

Eminent homeopathic doctors like Pierre Schmidt, Rudolf Flury, Alexandre Hänni, Antoine Nebel, Adolf Voegeli and Jost Künzli have influenced the history of the association in the 20th century and have contributed substantially to the development of homeopathy in Switzerland and in Europe. Today the society is led by representatives of classical homeopathy, whose aim is to safeguard the integrity of the doctrine in the spirit of Hahnemann, while respecting the individual varieties of homeopathic practice. They align with the European evolution of moving away from particular schools towards the common content of theory and practice of homeopathy.

The objectives of the SSHP are:

• the promotion of classical homeopathy in Switzerland
• the training and certification of homeopathic doctors and pharmacologists
• the protection of the interests of homeopathic doctors,
• recognition of homeopathic medicine by the Swiss Doctors Society, FMH (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum) by official institutions, health insurances and general public
• the care for personal relations between representatives of homeopathy
• the promotion of favourable relations with colleagues in official medicine
• the integration of Swiss homeopathy in Europe and internationally

The Activities of the SSHP

1. Activities in professional politics

In response to the enormous growth in public demand for classical homeopathy, the SSHP has increased its activities in the last few years amongst public institutions, the FMH and the health insurances, in order to promote homeopathic medicine.
We view classical homeopathy as a therapeutic method, which should above all have its place in primary care and be accessible to everybody.
The SSHP (SVHA) is recognized by the FMH as representing Swiss homeopathic doctors.

2. International relations:

The Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) is the oldest and most important society. The SSHP has a permanent delegate at the LMHI meetings. Every year a congress takes place for all member countries with national homeopathic societies. Its main purpose is to exchange new ideas and to consider results of research work and questions of training. The corresponding European society is the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH), which operates on a European level concerning matters of education and professional politics. There too the SSPH is represented by delegates in subcommittees.

3. Membership:

The conditions of ordinary membership of the SSHP are:

• a completed university education in medicine, veterinary medicine or pharmacy
• a basic education in classical homeopathy according to the conditions of the training courses organized by the SSHP (see below)

An extraordinary membership exists for students and doctors who are undergoing homeopathic training and who do not yet fulfil the conditions above.

4. Training and Post-graduate Education:

Basic training courses in classical homeopathy are organized by the SSPH in Bern, Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva and Locarno. Further information is available at the secretary of the SSHP.
A homeopathic university teacher shares the Chair of Complementary Medicine at the University of Bern.
The detailed organization of training courses is a matter for local associations. The courses are run by a team of teachers. The SSHP’s education committee is responsible for their coordination.
The basic training is a condition of membership. The postgraduate education results in the granting of a certificate of competence with the title “Doctor of Homeopathy SSHP”.

4a. The basic training:

The basic training requires 150 hours over two years,
either in daily or weekly courses and includes:

1. theory and general bases
• history of Homeopathy and theoretical, scientific bases
• fundamental principles: vital force, health-illness, healing, the principle of similarity
• remedies and their production, administration and dose
• testing of remedies on healthy people
• case history
• evaluation of symptoms and their determining hierarchy
• reaction to the first prescription, initial aggravation, second prescription and evaluation in the long term
• chronic diseases
• indication and limits of homeopathy

2. materia medica: profound knowledge of 40 basic remedies plus knowledge of keynotes and modalities of 70 more remedies

3. case study and evaluation, law of Hering

4b. Post-graduate education leading up to the post graduate title are:

• additional 250 hours of education plus individual studies of 600 hours.
• practical activity of at least two years following the basic course in classical homeopathy.
• postgraduate education and supervision related to practical activity under tutorship of a qualified homeopathic doctor, following completion of the basic course.
• successful passing of the examination set by the SSHP.

The education committee is responsible for the organization of the examination, checking that the requirements of postgraduate education and the conditions for the granting of the title are met.

The secretary of the SSHP will be pleased to supply any further information you may need.
Sekretariat SVHA, Frau V. Greising, Dorfhaldenstrasse 5, CH-6052 Hergiswil,
tel: +41 41 630 07 60, fax: +41 280 30 36, e-mail to secretary